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Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back The Cinnamon Flavor Just In Time For The Holidays

Coca-Cola is bringing back their limited-edition Cinnamon flavored drink just in time for the holidays, and I am so excited!

Cinnamon may be the NEW Pumpkin Spice, with so many food companies coming out with delicious cinnamon flavored products. I’m perfectly fine with that! Bring on all the cinnamon!

This awesome Coca-Cola flavor is only available from September 30 through December 31, or of course, until supplies last. This is in addition to the Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite they released last year too.

You better grab this Cinnamon Coke when you see it in your local store! It will be gone before you know it, and that is a sad thing.

People who have already tried it are saying it is the perfect amount of cinnamon. It isn’t overpowering, but has just the right cinnamon essence to make it FANTASTIC!

If you have trouble finding it in your local store, you can grab it on while it’s still available. They have it available in 12-ounce cans and mini 7 1/2 ounce cans.

You can even do as this GENIUS Instagram user did, and make a Cinnamon Coke float. OMG! I can’t even. I must try this today.

Can you imagine spiking this Cinnamon Coca-Cola with a bit of Rum or Cinnamon Whiskey. OMG!

Coca-Cola recommends drinking this awesome beverage at the perfect temperature of 37 degrees f. I don’t disagree!

Looking for more tasty holiday-flavored sodas? Check out this Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite. It’s so tasty!