Oreo Announces a New Cookie Flavor That’s Stuffed With Pink and Blue Creme

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Warning, you may want to hold on to your seat because your tastebuds will be ready for lift off after reading about Oreo’s new cookie flavor.

After putting a man on the moon, Oreo must have thought that it would be best to create a cookie that resembles a small piece of history.

Courtesy of Mondelez International, Inc. 

Inspired by outer space, Oreo has just announced a new cookie flavor that is not only out of this world, but meant to be eaten in outer space too.

What’s been dubbed their Space Dunk cookie pack, Oreo may have just created their prettiest cookie yet.

Courtesy of Mondelez International, Inc. 

But not too pretty to not eat of course.

Stuffed with blue and pink colored cream that tastes like marshmallow, the two chocolate halves also sandwich popping candies for a rocket-ship like explosion with every bite.

Courtesy of Mondelez International, Inc. 

Now we know that Oreo’s new cookie flavor will be releasing in Canada around mid-February but as for the U.S., we’re crossing our toes and fingers that we get to experience the intergalactic taste too!

Courtesy of Mondelez International, Inc. 

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