9 Tests To Know If You’ve Found The Right Person To Marry

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Marriage is a huge step; it often seems like the logical conclusion and an inevitable action once you have been in a relationship for a certain period of time. However, it is a very serious commitment: two people getting married are committing to a lifetime together, in sickness and in health and until death. Before you take this huge step in your relationship you must be certain that you and your partner are truly in love. In fact, to be really certain you have the right one you should see them at their best, but also their worst. The following nine ‘worst’ tests will help you to be certain you have the right one.


9 Tests To Know If You’ve Found The Right Person To Marry

1. Go camping

Camping can be a deal breaker for some relationships. It’s too hot, too uncomfortable, too cold, too wet, too, well, outdoorsey. So jump in! Take that trip in a tiny little tent and see if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person next to you who decided it was a good idea to eat an entire can of beans before going to sleep that night…

2. Fight!

This one will come naturally, probably. So just be aware of your fighting styles. How dirty does it get? Can you fight fair? Does he?

3. Testing affection

Affection means different things to different people. Do you need words? Is he a toucher? What are your needs vs. ideals? Sometimes you have to take a little less than your dream level of affection, but you SHOULD make sure it’s not less than you need.

4. Communication

Communication is bliss in a marriage. The more you communicate, the better you will understand each other. This is the ultimate test. It’s natural to have conflicts every now and then, but you must find a way to reach common ground. Agree to disagree and your conversations will never get boring.

5. Jealousy

How do they handle when someone else looks at you? Or you look at someone else? Do you flip into a blind rage every time a girl smiles at your guy? Jealousy can be the thing that breaks an otherwise strong marriage, so make sure it’s in check before your guests check ‘beef’ or ‘chicken’ on those wedding invites.

6. Building trust

Are you a phone checker? Do you stalk his Facebook page when he’s away? When was the last time you scoped out what his exes were doing? These are all dangerous habits in a relationship and definitely a test for Yourself and him. 

7. Experience food poisoning together

This one can’t be planned, well, for the most part, but how you both react to the other being ill will show how much the whole ‘sickness and health’ part of the vows will mean.

8. The mother-in-law test

Either invite your mom to stay for two weeks or take a holiday with her. Once your partner has spent two weeks with your mom you can ask them if they could cope with you turning into her.

9. Caring for the elderly

Watching your partner care for an elderly relative or even a stranger will help you to appreciate how strong their caring side is.  If you commit to marriage they may need to look after you in your old age, you want to be certain that they have enough compassion and respect to do it properly.

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