When Will Fortnite Come Back Online?

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The Fortnite Community is freaking out right now.

Yesterday, Fortnite officially went offline after the game, the map, and everything inside it was sucked into a black hole.

If you try to play the game or head to Fortnite.com you will see a live stream of a black hole like this:

It has been going on for over 12 hours now and it is making players anxious and nervous wondering when the game will be back online.


When Will Fortnite Come Back Online?

While nobody has the exact answer as to when Fortnite will come back online, and no official announcement has been made, there are rumors and even bets being placed on when the game and Season 11 will officially launch.

According to Forbes, the game will indeed come back at some point and welcome Season 11. In fact, they received an email from Irish Bookies Paddy Power who have listed betting odds for when Fortnite will end its blackout. Here’s the rundown:

  • EVS      October 17
  • 4/1       October 18
  • 5/1       October 16
  • 8/1       October 15
  • 10/1    October 14
  • 10/1    Not before October 20
  • 50/1    Season 11 not to be released in 2019
  • 100/1  Season 11 never to be released

The most likely day seems to be Thursday, October 17, 2019 since in the past, Fortnite has hosted their “reset” days on Thursday’s.

Other people claim they’ve looked at the Fortnite game coding and see that the black hole is just a teaser and it will be back Tuesday, October 15th.


But with that all theories out there, it is enough to drive someone crazy. Yup, just like this guy:

The short answer is: We don’t know IF Fortnite really is coming back for good and if they do, we don’t know WHEN.

Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games

The long answer is: Tons of theories surround the dates when Fortnite will come back.

All we can do right now is head outside to play and await an official announcement from Fortnite creators.

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