Here’s Where You Can Find Supplies To Make Face Masks

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We know that the CDC has said that we should all wear face coverings when we leave the house. But, EVERYONE is out of masks — and they should be going to healthcare workers, anyway.

Fabric masks are the next best thing, but have you tried to get supplies? It seems they are nearly non-existent.

Well, don’t worry, because we have done the investigative work for you. We have found the things you will need to make a cool fabric face mask of your own.

You can follow a template that you need to sew, or you can follow the no-sew template. Either one will work.

Here are the supplies you will need to make your own face mask.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton Fabric Crafty CutsMichaels — 1 Yard, Fabric will vary, $6

Courtesy of Michaels

Solid Color Cotton FabricFabricmade on Etsy — 1/2 Yard by 63 Inches, You choose color, $5

Courtesy of Fabricmade

Cotton FabricFabric.com — 1 Yard, SO MANY different colors and designs, Ranges in price (about $10 – $13 per yard)

Courtesy of Fabric.com


Braided ElasticWalmart — 120 Yards by 0.12 Inches, White, $33

Courtesy of Walmart

Braided ElasticAmazon — 144 Yards by 3/8 Inch, White, $28

Courtesy of Amazon

Basic Sewing Kits

Sewing Notions Sewing KitWalmart — Medium size, Multi-colored, $22

Courtesy of Walmart

Singer Sewing Survival KitTarget — Small / Travel size, $10

Courtesy of Target

Fabric Glue / Hot Glue

Elmer’s Craft Bond GlueTarget — Use on Fabric, $4

Courtesy of Target

Elmer’s Craft Bond Mini Glue GunTarget — Glue Gun, $12

Courtesy of Target

Mini Glue Gun Stick RefillsTarget — 30 Count, $4

Courtesy of Target

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  1. This is the only site I felt was worth opening. How do I make a mask, and what about a filter type cloth as medical masks use.