You Can Crochet A Super Cute Boho Scarf Complete With A Button

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Okay, this crocheted scarf is absolutely gorgeous.

This scarf is super fashionable and is simple enough to pair with any outfit during the fall season.

Courtesy of @SweetPotato3Patterns

I’m thinking leggings, white nike sneakers and an oversized white sweater paired with this blue scarf. Ugh, can it be fall yet? I have been craving the cooler weather lately.

There are only 45 days left until the first day of fall, we are so close, yet so far.

Courtesy of @SweetPotato3Patterns

We all know that the right scarf can complete any desired look for date night, a work meeting, movie night with friends or even a chill day in the house on a rainy evening.

Courtesy of @SweetPotato3Patterns

This crocheted scarf is complete with a button to secure the design in place and whatever color you choose, is completely up to you; although you can never go wrong with a bright white color and a black button!

You can download the pattern here, for $4.50.

Courtesy of @SweetPotato3Patterns

Thanks to @SweetPotato3Patterns, we can look fashionable during the fall season and all winter long too.

I have to say, I’m really liking the baby blue color with this classy style scarf.

Courtesy of @SweetPotato3Patterns

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  1. Would this be considered an easy or beginner pattern ?