This Mom Wore A Buzz Lightyear Helmet As Her Face Mask To Go Grocery Shopping and She’s My Hero

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Talk about creativity you guys, this mom has found a way to run her errands and it’s one of those moments where you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that”?

Courtesy of Kelly Hogan Painter

I feel like when it comes to moms, they always find a solution to every problem, because that’s just what moms do! They are the heroes that don’t wear capes and this mom did what she had to do!

As the CDC has been recommending people to wear face masks when they leave their homes, this mom didn’t have a mask to wear. Specifically, her mother in law told her that she could not leave the house without one so, she got creative…

She grabbed her kids Buzz Lightyear ‘Toy Story’ helmet and threw that sucker on!

“It was Buzz or Chewbacca,” said Kelly Painter. “And Buzz was more practical.”

Kelly Painter, Mother
Courtesy of Kelly Hogan Painter

Her toddler wanted chicken nuggets and nothing was going to stop this mother from doing just that.

“We have a 2-year-old son that has Autism and very bad sensory issues with food and chicken nuggets is one of the only things that he eats, she told HuffPost.”

Kelly Painter, Mother

“My son was getting chicken nuggets if my life depended on it,” she said. “I love my family way more than I love my reputation.”

Kelly Painter, Mother

How sweet! Count on mom’s to do literally anything for their children. Now Mrs. Painter didn’t just leave the house without documenting her journey. She recorded herself going to the grocery store and uploaded it to Facebook, and we’re glad she did because it received a lot of attention!

With over 2.7 thousand shares, Mrs. Painter quickly went viral and she deserves it for the love she has for her children!

Although her fame and glory seems to come with a price, it gets “pretty steamy” and it feels like a neck brace half the time. Oh, and forget about peripheral vision, according to Mrs. Painter.

However, kudos to this mom for thinking so quickly on her feet and mom’s everywhere else for the undeniable love they give us!

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