Here’s The First Trailer For The ‘Punky Brewster’ Reboot And I’m So Excited

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Punky Power! It’s really happening — this is not a drill, people!

The Peacock streaming network just released the trailer for the NEW Punky Brewster reboot, and I’m over here squealing like my 8-year-old self. OMG — I can’t wait!


I wanted to BE Punky Brewster when I was little. Am I the only one?


In this reboot, Soleil Moon Frye, who plays Punky Brewster (duh), is now the single mother of three kids.

Side Note: Did you know that Punky’s actual name is Penelope? Cool little bit of trivia for ya.


This NEW Punky Brewster also stars Freddie Prinze Jr., who will play Punky’s ex-husband, and the father of her 3 kids. He is still in the lives of Punky and her little family, and it’s also possible that he still has a thing for Punky, but we will have to see how that pans out.


If you look closely, you will see that Punky still owns a Golden Retriever, like her best buddy, Brandon, from the original show. Gah! I mean, surely they aren’t going to say it’s the same dog, but it’s still pretty awesome, nonetheless.


In the trailer, you can see that Punky is still her spunky self, wearing mismatched shoes, and bringing her quirky Punky Power game to a new generation. I expected nothing less.

Peacock has not announced when the show will be making its debut, but at least we now have a trailer!


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