Fortnite Is Just A Giant Black Hole Right Now

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Nobody is playing Fortnite any time soon…

At least that is what the rumors are speculating.

If you head to or try to play online right now, you can’t because Fortnite Is Just A Giant Black Hole Right Now.

It looks like this:

And Fortnite is just live streaming the black hole.

Now, people are freaking out and by “people” I mean mostly kids that play the game. Although, all gamers of this community are not happy.

When Fortnite was shut down yesterday everything, including the map was sucked into black hole and essentially deleted. But really, people were warned and there was even an in-game countdown.

So, now people are making bets on IF and WHEN the game will come back online. Season 11 is what it will be called.

There is even websites that are taking bets on the odds on what day it’ll come back. Basically, the creators of Fortnite have this black hole as a placeholder to ensure the new map for Season 11 loads smoothly before releasing it to the public.

Until then, gamers are doing and saying things like this:

It is fall break and my son isn’t happy the game is down but I have to say, I am little happy I don’t have to hear about Fortnite all weekend… oh crap, maybe I still do!

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