Here’s What to Do If You Can’t Find Baby Formula

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The massive baby formula shortage is all anyone is talking about.

With that being said, parents everywhere are scrambling trying to figure out what to do when they run out of baby formula.

I’ve gathered several important tips/tricks on what to do if you can’t find baby formula and I surely hope it helps!

5 Things to Do if You Can’t Find Baby Formula

Ask your pediatrician

You may not think of it, but pediatric hospitals and doctor offices often receive free full-size samples of baby formula. If you are in dire need of formula for your baby, call and ask if they have any samples they can part with.

It was also be a good time to ask your pediatrician if you can switch baby formulas or if there are any great alternatives available that are safe for your baby.

Call your formula manufacturer and ask for availability

You can call the number on the back of your baby formula and talk to the manufacturer to find places to buy your baby formula.

People are also stating that the Similac website has a find at a retail nearby button for their formula and it helps you find stores with your formula.

Enfamil let’s you buy online and they accept after pay and PayPal (which I believe does pay it 4 payments as well).

Put your baby formula on auto-ship

I have seen many people stating they have put their baby formula on auto-ship from places like Amazon, Target and Walmart and have been getting their orders and haven’t ran out.

I wonder if retailers are making auto-ship deliveries a priority? Either way, it’s worth a try.

Check the Hispanic/International isle at the grocery store

I saw someone online mention to check the Hispanic/International isle at the grocery store. They often carry baby formula which is the same as brand other brands (it is typically in Spanish) and it may even be cheaper.

I never would have thought of this if someone didn’t tell me. So smart!

Get donated breastmilk

When I had my first born, I was unable to breastfeed and my son was a premie so it was a huge lifesaver to have other moms donate breastmilk to him.

I searched the web and not only are there websites where you can buy, sell and even have breastmilk donated to you, you can also check local mommy groups on Facebook. Perhaps ask a friend or family member that may be breastfeeding if you can have some of their breastmilk.

Always remember, be kind when searching for baby formula and help one another out!

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