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Pediatricians Are Warning Parents Not to Make Homemade Baby Formula After Image of Recipe Goes Viral

In case you didn’t already know, there is currently a massive baby formula shortage happening.

While many parents are looking for baby formula in store, online and even asking friends and family to keep an eye out for them, others are looking for alternatives.

One alternative that has seemingly gone viral online, is actually dangerous, according to pediatricians and it’s worth knowing about.

Currently, there are several images of homemade baby formula recipes circulating social media.


Typically, the recipe calls for some combination of evaporated milk, water, and Karo.

The recipe then says to use orange juice at 3 weeks of age for a baby.


However, pediatricians have been advising people this is not safe and can actually have many short-term and long-term side effects for babies.

“I would caution parents away from Facebook groups or social media groups, because while the advice is well meaning, it may not be scientifically sound,”

Dr. Rina Sanghavi, a pediatric gastroenterologist at UT Southwestern Children’s Health Dallas

Although older generations may swear by this recipe, doctors say that as years have gone on, they’ve learned this recipe is not healthy for a growing baby.

“What worked or what they thought worked in the 1960s, we have much better scientific knowledge now to know that it can cause short-term harm, but most importantly, long-term harm for the baby,”

Dr. Rina Sanghavi, a pediatric gastroenterologist at UT Southwestern Children’s Health Dallas

According to doctors, these homemade recipes cannot only make your baby sick, but can also deprive them of essential nutrients that are found in commercially made baby formulas and breastmilk.

In some cases, babies are actually being hospitalized after consuming homemade baby food.

For example, One 4-month-old baby went into cardiac arrest after being fed a homemade baby formula.

It’s scary and a very real concern.

Personally, if I had a formula fed baby right now, I’d seek out breastmilk donations from family/friends or milk banks that regulate breastmilk before I’d attempt to make my own formula.

As always, when in doubt, discuss options with your pediatrician first!

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