Does Ordering Baby Formula From Amazon Through Canada Actually Work?

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All I keep seeing in my feed is conversations surrounding the massive baby formula shortage.

My heart just breaks for parents scrambling to try to feed their baby.

Naturally, people all over the country are trying to find alternatives and seek buying formula elsewhere which has prompted a bunch of misinformation online.

For starters, there are several posts going around that say you can order baby formula from Amazon through Canada.

The posts are saying to do this:

TO ALL THE MOMS THAT CANT FIND BABY FORMULA….go to amazon…go to the bottom…change from US to Canada. You can get all the formula you need. They are not having a shortage just the US is. Have it shipped right to your front door. 🍼


So, Does Ordering Baby Formula From Amazon Through Canada Actually Work?

Many Canadians have confirmed that Canada IS having a baby formula shortage so it still may be hard to even obtain formula from there.

It doesn’t seem to be as bad as the US yet (and hopefully it stays that way).

Now, I tried to do this trick myself (just to see if it’d work) and it didn’t work for me.

When you change from US to Canada, it will redirect you to (Amazon Canada) and that will ask you to create an account.

Once you get all the way through to checkout, it’ll give you an error saying it cannot ship to your address.

Now, according to comments, very few have been able to get this to work BUT they are being charged roughly $75 for a can of formula + $29.99 for shipping. And I mean, that is very, very few.

If you are lucky enough to get this to work, kuddos and I am so glad it worked for you.

I am not sure if it is location specific or specific to the type of formula you are trying to order, as the majority cannot get this to work.

It seems like for the mass majority of people, this trick does not work and I just wanted to let you know!

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