The Fortnite Obsession Should Be A Classified Addiction

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Not very often will you hear me admit my husband was right. Only because, I am quite stubborn but seriously, this is one of those times my husband was right and how I wish I had listened to him. < Mark that one on the calendar.

About a year ago our oldest son jumped on the Fortnite craze and at that time it seemed like such a harmless multi-player game that allowed him to unwind after school and have fun online with his friends.


But after a few weeks we started to notice a change in our son…

It started with flossing in public.


Then eventually lead to every single word in his vocabulary being from the game.

At first, it was funny.

I mean, kids will get onto these kicks of being obsessed with something and then it will die off naturally.


But that didn’t happen and Fortnite truly changed our son in a way that we are still trying to fix.

I don’t know how a game could change someone so much because after all, we have never been through this before.


As a gaming household, games are just games but I have never seen a kid so obsessed to the point where the game literally dictated his every day-to-day routine and became part of his reality.

I am not talking about the fact that he obsessed about playing the game because he actually would get so frustrated that he worked so hard to obtain loot, just to die and have to start over, that he’d quit.


It was actually more that, every action he did was some kind of Fortnite move and every word spoken was some awful slang from the game.


It became annoying and a complete problem.

So, that leads me to admit that my husband was right…

All it took was a few night’s of playing Battle Royale with my son for my husband to conclude that the game needed to be deleted.

Again, we are total gamers here so for him to go as far to say that a game needed to be deleted from his Xbox seemed a bit harsh.

I argued and stood up for our son saying he was just having fun. I thought my husband was just being dramatic.

But now, I am just trying to figure out just what it is about that game that makes my son want to be obsessively annoying with terrible dance moves and awful puns.

Is it the thrill of obtaining loot?

Is it the feeling of unsatisfactory for not being able to finish the match?

Whatever it is, my son now needs an attitude adjustment.

I don’t know if it is a 9-year-old thing or the game but his attitude problem came on right around the time he started playing Fortnite.

And before you start saying things like, he needs to be monitored or spend less time on games, you should know, we do monitor and limit the amount of game time.

Again, he was never obsessed with wanting to play all the time. It was more obsessive behavior OUTSIDE of the game.


So, honestly, if your kid hasn’t gotten into the Fortnite craze, do yourself a favor and never allow them to.

Keep playing Minecraft or something far less obsessive because I think The Fortnite Obsession Should Be A Classified Addiction and parents and kids need some sort of therapy for it.

I’m not the only one that feels that way either, in fact many experts agree, check out the news clips above and the one below:

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