Cup Noodles Released Breakfast Flavored Ramen Noodles That Taste Like Egg, Sausage, and Pancakes

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After dominating dinner and lunch, it looks like Cup Noodles has just conquered the breakfast section too.

While we typically think of ramen noodles as a lunch or dinnertime snack, who’s to say we can’t enjoy a steaming cup of noodles flavored like a favorite morning dish at the diner.

That’s right, Cup Noodles has just released one of their most unique flavors yet.

Enter, the Cup Noodles Breakfast edition, and no we aren’t joking.

Courtesy of Nissan Foods

The first cup of ramen flavored for breakfast featuring a steamy cup of noodles that should taste just like eggs and sausage with an included sauce.

And don’t forget the maple syrup pancakes!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Cooking up breakfast has never been so easy, considering all you have to do to enjoy your favorite breakfast trio is by pouring water and using the microwave.

Still served in the iconic packaging we all know and love, you’ll never have to miss the most important meal of the day again considering this breakfast can be eaten on the run if you’re late for a meeting.

Courtesy of @how.kev.eats

“We know our products are a go-to meal any time of the day,” said Priscila Stanton, senior vice president for Cup Noodles producer Nissin Foods USA, in a press release. “By adding Cup Noodles Breakfast to our line-up we are truly feeding cravings around the clock — morning, noon, night or late night.”

Priscila Stanton
Courtesy of @Bandit_Raccoon

Just don’t forget the tall glass of orange juice to complete the breakfast dish.

Courtesy of @junkfoodmom

So where can you find the limited-edition flavor?

Cup Noodles Breakfast is currently available in stores at Walmart or online at Walmart.com for less than two dollars a cup!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

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