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Fans Are Upset Over Jojo Siwa’s Pregnancy Jokes

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Jojo Siwa has been trending on social media this week, but it isn’t for her dancing, her relationships, or her trips to Disneyland.

Her fans were freaking out, thinking Jojo was pregnant, thanks to a series of Snapchat photos posted by the Dance Moms star.

Jojo Siwa on Snapchat

And, people are actually pretty pissed at the pics.

Earlier this month, rumors started circulating that Jojo was pregnant.

She quickly squashed that rumor by posting a stitched video to TikTok where she is simply laughing at the speculation that she might be preggers.

BUT, Jojo keeps posting photos, insinuating that she’s pregnant, and confusing everyone.

I think the photos are mocking the fact that fans think she’s pregnant, but Jojo’s taken it a bit far.

On Monday, she posted a photo to her Snapchat story of her friend, and fellow dancer, Ezra Sosa, touching her stomach and saying, “You know that everyone thinks I’m the dad, right?”

Jojo followed that little gem up with a series of photos, touching her belly and buying baby clothes.

The problem is, some fans aren’t laughing at the photos.

They are actually upset that she is making fun of being pregnant, when so many people struggle with infertility.

Now, Jojo Siwa hasn’t responded to the negative backlash caused by her pregnancy photos.

But, we will let you know as soon as she drops an apology.

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