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Succulent Christmas Trees Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Trend

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‘Tis the season! It is less than 90 days away from Christmas so, it’s basically time to bust out the decorations!

What better way than with an ADORABLE succulent Christmas tree? Um, yeah they exist and they are amazing! I seriously need a dozen of them around my house!


The etsy shop TerracottaCornerFL is the genius mind behind these amazing one-of-a-kind creations.


Each succulent Christmas tree is 13″ tall and made with nearly 25 gorgeous Echeverias. Simply spray the tree lightly with water every 10 – 14 days to keep the succulents alive for many months.


Once the succulents outgrow the tree or the season is over just pluck, plant and enjoy the succulents for many years to come!


Each succulent Christmas tree is $130 and is made to order meaning each tree is unique just like you are!


You can order your Succulent Christmas Tree from TerracottaCornerFL on Etsy Here!


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