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Tom Hanks Shares His Champagne Diet Coke Cocktail And It’s Actually Really Good

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We are all out here scrambling, trying to find the perfect cocktail to ring in the New Year.

It turns out, Tom Hanks might have already stumbled upon it!

You might think that Tom Hanks drinks some fancy, high dollar New Years Eve drink, what with him being a celebrity and all.

But, he keeps it pretty simple when it comes to yummy adult beverages.

What drink does Tom Hanks turn to?

It’s a bizarre drink combo that shouldn’t work — but, it totally does.

Tom Hanks pours himself a glass about a third full of Diet Coke, and then he tops it off with Champagne.

I mean, what? That sounds awful!

But, y’all. I swear, it just works!!

Tom has dubbed the drink the “Diet Cokagne” — which sounds like it should be a bit illegal, but it’s just a combination of “Coke” and “Champagne.”

It’s kind of like making a Mimosa — if you happen to be out of orange juice, and only have Diet Coke in the fridge.

You don’t even need to stir it. Just pour, and enjoy.

Now, if you don’t have the budget for Champagne — although you can get a bottle at Walmart for like ten bucks — you can totally sub Prosecco.

Prosecco is Champagne’s bubbly cousin from Italy, and just as tasty IMHO.

So, get yourself to the store. Get some Champagne — or Prosecco — and Diet Coke. And, get to making the Diet Cokagne.

You can tell all your New Year’s Eve guests how you make fancy celebrity drinks!!

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