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Mountain Dew Is Finally Making Baja Blast a Permanent Addition and It’s About Time

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Mountain Dew, has just made history.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary of a popular soda flavor, the beverage company has decided to make this fan-favorite, a permanent addition.

What will soon upgraded from a limited-edition beverage to a permanent item, soda sippers can expect Mountain Dew to officially make room on grocery store shelves for this blue and green colored soda!

Drum roll please!

Enter, the infamous Baja Blast!

Courtesy of Walmart

That’s right, Mountain Dew has made the right call to mark the Baja Blast as a permanent addition to store shelves.

And all we have to say is, thank you… finally!

Courtesy of Walmart

So whenever you’re craving the tangy flavor, you count on the nearest grocery to have it in stock.

Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast will be stocked on store shelves nationwide in January according to @markie_devo!

Courtesy of Walmart

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