Champagne Flavored Cotton Candy Exists and I’ll Cheers To That!

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As we ring in the grand new year, it’s time to celebrate new beginnings and the mere fact that 2020 is officially over! So what better way to celebrate a fresh start other than popping open a bottle of Champagne!

Target is selling a bottle of, well actually, there’s this thing called cotton candy flavored Champagne that supposedly taste like the real deal and you can get it at your local Target!

Maud Borup’s Champagne cotton candy is flavored with notes of champagne so you and your partner can cheers together on hearts day but with a twist!


The Champagne infused cotton candy is meant to be placed on the rim of your glass that’s holding your liquid Champagne for a cotton candy sparkling Champagne cocktail feel.


This boujee cotton candy is also sprinkled with edible 24 karat gold pieces and is ombre-colored with light and dark pinks, which means the flames from your candles won’t be the only thing sparkling throughout the night!

Courtesy of Target

You can currently get the 1.2 ounce pack of Maud Borup’s Champagne flavored Cotton Candy at Target for just $4 for a guaranteed glamours night with your loved one.


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