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Tanya Roberts Has Been Declared Alive, After Previously Being Declared Deceased

It isn’t often that you get GOOD news in relation to someone passing away, but in this case, the news is GREAT!

You may have heard, sometime this afternoon, that Tanya Roberts had passed away. It was all over the social media and the news.

Well, as it turns out, signals got crossed, and she is, in fact, ALIVE. 

Roberts was famously a Bond Girl, but you also know her from shows like Charlie’s Angels, or if you are a bit younger, you know her from That 70’s Show.

On Christmas Eve, Tanya collapsed after taking her dogs for a walk. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where the doctors placed her on a ventilator.

She did NOT have COVID — which was my immediate fear — but was struggling to breathe. That is why they took measures with the vent.

Obviously the situation was serious, and things were chaotic and crazy.

There was a bit of confusion, and Tanya’s boyfriend told her representative that she had been declared deceased.

Her rep then let the world know that the actress had passed.

A little while later, Lance O’Brien (Tanya’s Boyfriend) received the news that she had, in fact, NOT been declared dead, and was still in the hospital.

So, that is all we know right now. Tanya is still in the hospital, but has NOT passed.

This is such good news. She remains in our thoughts during this very difficult time.