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People Can’t Believe This Dad Let His Daughter Struggle With A Can Opener For 6 Hours

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The Twitterverse is all up in arms about Can Opener Dad, John Roderick — who’s Twitter account has since been taken down.

Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter

Apparently, John’s hungry nine-year-old daughter asked him to open a can of baked beans, and he saw it as a great opportunity to teach her a lesson — a SIX HOUR lesson — in using a can opener.

Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter

Now, I’m all for teaching kids life skills, and I know that everyone trains their kids up in different ways, but this dude let his daughter go hungry for 6 freaking hours whilst he chastised her for not knowing how to use a manual can opener.

Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter

I mean, how long would it have taken him to just show her how to pop the lid on the can open? Like 30 seconds?

John narrated, via Twitter, the events of this “lesson” as they went down. I am pretty sure he wanted a “high five” from the interwebs, but I just feel sorry for the daughter. Give her the dang beans, already.

Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter
Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter
Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter

The posting goes on — and on — and on. Meanwhile, the poor daughter has to fight to get her beans.

Via John Roderick (@johnroderick) on Twitter

You can read the full exchange here:


The Twitterverse was having none of it. They felt bad for the daughter, and came to her defense.

I DO feel just a tad bit bad for John. He thought the world was going to sing his praises for the way he chose to “teach” his daughter to open a can. Instead, he ended up deleting his entire Twitter account.


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