Why Super Bowl Sunday is Just Like Any Other Day at My House…{#SmallButPowerful}

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So, here we sit on yet another Super Bowl Sunday, and my family has no plans to watch, attend watching parties, or have anything to do with it at all, really. It’s weird, I live in Texas, and am totally from a small town, so that means that I spent a lot of time watching football when I was younger.  In fact, I never missed a high school football game the entire four years I was in high school.  (That had a lot more to do with me being on the drumline than it did with me being a football fan, but still… I was there.)


Don’t get me wrong…while I would happily spend the day doing my nails, my husband is actually a HUGE football fan. He doesn’t miss any games during the season, follows all the updates after the season is over, and definitely gets into the various bowls throughout the year. But still, no parties for us. See, while it’s Super Bowl Sunday for the rest of America (and maybe the world…who knows who is actually watching), I’m actually in a different state for work. And my husband, while a huge fan of the game, is here cheering me on instead.

It’s a #SmallButPowerful thing to know that my husband cares more about cheering for me than for this game that means so much to him. He’ll still see it…he’s already forbade anyone from spoiling a single moment, but for today he’s with me. And I am incredibly fortunate to have a husband who is willing to give up his favorite past time to be my cheering squad instead.

What’s amazing is this isn’t the only small but powerful gesture he makes in our relationship. My husband does most of our housework, he spends time with my daughter, takes incredible care to make sure I know I’m loved. My favorite is that he does the laundry. It’s never been my favorite thing, but using Tide Pods (which are also small but powerful) he gets it done in no time flat.

It’s the little things, you know?

Do you know anything about Jonathan Stewart? He’s the Panther’s RB and this video is Exactly what I’m talking about. In our marriage we give it all to each other. And today, my husband is giving it all to me. Just watch this video and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

It took an entire season for people to believe. But we knew all along. Time to #KeepPounding to a championship. #SmallButPowerful @Tide #ad

Posted by Jonathan Stewart on Saturday, February 6, 2016

So, no Super Bowl here today!  For the rest of you… enjoy your wings and your pizza, don’t eat too much cheese dip, and remember to cheer loud! But please – don’t spoil it for my husband. And thanks in advance!

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  1. Makes sense to me.

    I play volleyball and played some other sports as a youth. I’m athletic but am selective on what I watch. I only watch baseball playoffs if it’s a Chicago team. As for football I don’t follow college sports and typically only watch the Chicago Bears and St Louis Rams games. I watch the Super Bowl in hopes of an interesting game (not always the case), for the commercials and the office football pool. The other part I enjoy is watching the Super Bowl with my family, most of which really aren’t big football fans. If just a family event and an excuse to eat some fun foods.

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