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This Woman Got ‘Sun Poisoning’ And Now She Is Warning Others

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I’ll admit. I’ve had a sunburn or two — or ten — in my lifetime, but none as bad as this woman who fell asleep for five hours in the sun.

Her scary sunburn experience serves as a PSA to everyone else.

Always wear your sunscreen. Even if you think you aren’t going to need it. Don’t risk it!

There really is such a thing as sun poisoning — a sunburn that is so intense and painful there are horrific side effects.

Bela Chatwin can tell you firsthand that sun poisoning is nothing to play around with.

She went on a vacation to San Diego, California, and thought she would lay out in the beautiful sun for a bit.


That little bit turned into five hours in the sun, and she had the sun poisoning to prove it.

She posted pictures of her swollen, red face, and said that at one point her own sister didn’t even recognize her. Yikes!

Bela said that when she woke up on the beach, she looked and felt fine — just a bit sunburned.


But, when she woke up the next morning, her face was beginning to swell. She had also developed a blister around her jaw and cheek, and that was only the start of it.

As you can imagine, the pain was awful.


She told Insider, she was on vacation and sleeping on a plastic air mattress. The sun poisoning was so bad that her skin would stick to the bed and peel off. Ouch!!

By the third day, the sun poisoning had gotten so bad that her eyes were almost swollen shut.


When she returned home to Utah, she went to see her doctor. He determined she had a sun allergy, and confirmed that she had sun poisoning.

The doctor gave her a steroid for the burn, and an antihistamine to help the allergic reaction. Bela had to wear a surgical mask, sunglasses, and a hoodie for 2 weeks!!


She’s lucky she didn’t end up in the hospital!

[The swelling] left a weird rough sandpapery texture on my skin for probably three weeks

Bela Chatwin

So, this is your reminder. WEAR THAT SUNSCREEN!!

You can see Bela’s full PSA sunscreen video HERE.


If you need sunscreen, don’t put it off. You can get a two-pack of Coppertone SPF 50 Sunscreen on the Amazon website for 15 bucks.


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