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These Are The Most Hated Christmas Candies In America And You’re Going To Have Thoughts

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I’m going to be quite honest with you. There isn’t a bad treat when it comes to Christmas.

Except fruitcake. Fruitcake is gross.

But, when it comes to Christmas candy — just give it all to me.

There’s nothing better than a seasonal treat you can only get during the holidays!

Okay. To be honest, you can probably get most holiday candies the rest of the year.

But, there’s something about Christmas that just makes these candies nostalgic and special.

This year — because they want to ruin Christmas (I’m joking) — Candystore.com compiled a list of Christmas candies that their customers actually voted as the worst candies to receive during the holiday season.

More than 7,000 people voted on the Christmas candies that they simply can’t stand, and you’re going to have some thoughts about this list.

The Most Hated Christmas Candies

10) Coming in at #10 on the list of the most hated Christmas candies is Peppermint Bark.

Y’all are nuts. Peppermint Bark is about as Christmas as it gets.

One customer even called Peppermint Bark “kind of boring.” WHAT?!?

I used to like it, but now it’s like seeing the same movie every Christmas. Kinda boring.

Candystore.com customer

It’s like eating a Christmas decoration. Looks good, but tastes… meh.”

Candystore.com customer

Why does Peppermint Bark have to be in every Christmas gift basket? Can we mix it up a little?

Candystore.com customer

9) The honor of the #9 most hated Christmas candy goes to Chocolate Oranges.

While, I’ll admit, Chocolate Oranges are a little weird, they are like a tradition that has to be consumed every single year.

It reminds me of how Santa used to put oranges in our stockings every year, but these oranges are covered in chocolate.

Oranges. Chocolate. What’s not to like, here?

They feel like they’re trying to be a big thing here in the US, but I’m not really into them.

Candystore.com customer

8) The #8 most hated Christmas candies are Life Savers Story Books.

Okay. Okay. I rolled my eyes every single year that Santa put these in my stocking, but it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

Getting Lifesavers Story Books is like getting a last-minute gift from a convenience store. It’s like, really? That’s what you picked for Christmas?

Candystore.com customer

I don’t know, those Lifesavers books are kind of sad. It’s like dressing up regular candy in a Christmas costume, but it doesn’t really fit.

Candystore.com customer

7) What do candy do you think made the list at #7? Old-Fashioned Candy Mix.

Old-Fashioned Candy just reminds me of my grandma, and I will love it for that very reason forever.

She always had old-fashioned candy out in a bowl, and it was always stuck together. LOL!!

It tasted a bit like it had been sitting there forever, but I don’t care. I love it.

I had one and it tasted like old perfume. Is that what the old days tasted like?

Candystore.com customer

These candies are like time travelers from a past Christmas, forgotten and left behind.

Candystore.com customer

6) Much like Old-Fashioned Candy, the #6 candy reminds me of times with my grandmother: Ribbon Candy.

Really, isn’t it just Old-Fashioned Candy in another form? Should it really get its own place on the list?

Wait, you can eat Ribbon Candy? I thought it was just for show.

Candystore.com customer

5) The Christmas candy at #5 on the list of the most hated Christmas candy goes to Peeps.

Traditionally an Easter candy, Peeps has morphed into that candy you find at every holiday season.

Come on — you can stick them in hot chocolate, and it’s like heaven in a cup.

I mean, a little fake stuff in candy is okay, but Peeps? What even are they made of? It’s like eating something from a sci-fi movie.

Candystore.com customer

Don’t even get me started on Peeps. They’re popping up for every holiday like unwanted guests.

Candystore.com customer

4) The candies at #4 on the list were just in my shopping cart this afternoon: Non-Peppermint Candy Canes.

I guess people just don’t like change — although it’s delicious in this case!

What’s not to like? You can get everything from Tutti-Frutti flavor to Pickle flavor.

I like to pick a flavor, and decorate my Christmas gifts with them.

It makes me sad that people put them on the list of the most hated Christmas candy.

I guess it’s hard to compete with all the sour, gummy, and chocolatey candy they have these days.

All these strange flavored candy canes popping up. And their colors don’t even remind me of Christmas.

Candystore.com customer

3) The candy that comes in at #3 is legit some of my favorite: Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials.

Chocolate? Yum. Cherries? Amazing. What are people thinking here?

For some reason, some people just don’t like it when you hide a little sugary cherry with that pop of cordial syrup inside of a little chocolate package.

Chocolate cordials with that strange liquid inside? Nope, not for me.

Candystore.com customer

Poor cherries, floating in that strange goo. It doesn’t make me want to eat them, that’s for sure.

Candystore.com customer

2) The #2 spot of the most hated Christmas candy goes to something I’ve never actually tried: Christmas Nougat.

This is the only candy on the list that might be a little iffy for me. It’s a bit too much like fruitcake.

They are supposedly really gooey, and stick to your teeth — which is a NO for many people.

What do you think?

I can’t even stand looking at those nougat poker chips. They’re ugly, taste weird, and feel strange.

Candystore.com customer

1) The top spot on the most hated Christmas candy list goes to Reindeer Corn.

I get it. People have a love / hate relationship with candy corn in general.

I am team candy corn, all the way.

You can just give me all your Reindeer Corn, and I’ll be a happy Christmas elf.

So they just changed the color of candy corn and called it Reindeer Corn? Still tastes the same, still not a fan.

Candystore.com customer

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