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We Need To Talk About The Little Mermaid Live Performance

Queen Latifah was Ursula, that chick who sang Moana was The Little Mermaid, and flippin’ Shaggy was Sebastian, and we need to have a chat.

So, if you haven’t watched The Little Mermaid Live yet, let me give you the rundown.

Basically they showed the movie for all the talking parts, and then people sung onstage for all the singing parts.

It wasn’t awful, but it was… different.

Basically, everyone was okay.

Everyone except Queen Latifah that is.

Queen Latifah was ICONIC. She was the Ursula we need in our lives. She Poor Unfortunate’d in a way that only she could do, with a little rap in the middle that was better than the original.

John Stamos brought the funny (I mean he was on Full House for like a decade) as everybody’s favorite lobster killing cook, and the little red costumes nobody could move around in were honestly too cute.

He made me laugh, anyway.

And, of course Shaggy.

Oh, Shaggy singing Under the Sea and Kiss The Girl was very, very fun.

Sha la la la…

All in all, I thought it needed more Queen Latifah.

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