Get This Office-Inspired Clue Game To Find Out Who Killed Toby

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Listen up Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch employees! Micheal Scott has invited us to a MANDATORY team-building exercise. He wants us to play CLUE to figure out who killed Toby!

Via Hot Topic

Lucky for us, Hot Topic just happens to have this game for us to work out this murder mystery for ourselves.

Grab five of your friends, and get to playing. Find out Who, Where, and With What Toby was murdered.

Was it a ream of paper? Or maybe it was a Dundie Award that did the job. It could have been that pretzel from Pretzel Day.

Via Hot Topic

Was he killed in the Warehouse? It could have been in Reception or maybe the Break Room.

If it wasn’t Michael that offed Tobby — my bet would have been on Michael — maybe it was Stanley (when he’s not asleep) or that squirrely, cat-loving Angela.

Play as Stanley, Angela, Pam, Jim, Dwight, or Andy, and work your way around the Scranton Branch as you figure out the Clues.

You’ll notice one of the dice has a question mark. This was a little trick added by Michael Scott. He has thrown in a little twist — as he does with most things — to mess with the entire game. The question mark goes with the INTRIGUE cards to make this mystery even harder to solve.

Via Hot Topic

The winner gets a week’s paid vacation — but we aren’t sure that it was actually authorized. Maybe you’ll win an ice cream sandwich.

Via Hot Topic

If you were playing with me, I’d make a rule that the more Office quotes you use, the more points you get — although you don’t actually earn points.

It doesn’t matter, because I am going to win!!

While you are getting this game at Hot Topic, check out their Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown Clock, and see what make it tick.

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