Did You Know There Is A Proper Way To Open Champagne? Here’s How.

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It’s getting so close to that time when everyone gets their favorite bottle of champagne and toasts in the New Year.

Did you know there is actually a correct way to open champagne?

I recently had the privilege of going to a class that was all about the bubble nectar of the gods.

There is SO much you I could tell you about the ins and outs of sparkling wine and champagne — like more than you’d ever want to know — but the IMPORTANT part I learned was how to properly open the bottle.

I used to just rip off the top and shimmy the cork out, praying it didn’t take out someone’s eye as it popped and flew across the room.

Turns out, I was opening the bottle of champagne all wrong.

How To Properly Open A Bottle Of Champagne

So, first you want to make sure the bottle has been properly chilled.

Ideally, you are going to leave the bottle in the fridge overnight.

If you plumb forgot to put it in the fridge, or if you are pressed for time, you can place the unopened bottle in a glass bowl that is filled with ice AND WATER.

Slowly turn the bottle round and round in the water for about 10 minutes, and then it should be nice and cold.

Now it’s time to open that bottle.

First, you want to take the foil off the top of the bottle.

Find the little tab on the foil. Pull on the tab, and it should tear around the entire bottle, and come clean off.

Now, look for the little circular knob that’s holding that metal cage around the cork.

While placing the thumb of your non-dominant hand on the top of the cork, turn that little tab counterclockwise 6 times. That should loosen it all the way up.

Don’t take that cage off!

Now, while keeping your thumb on the cork of the champagne, grab the entire bottle in your other hand.

You want to turn THE BOTTLE of the champagne, keeping it at an angle, away from your body.

The cork will slowly start to release from the bottle.

Keep your thumb nice and firm on that cork.

Slowly turn the bottle until — POP — the cork comes out without flying across the room!

Now, pour up that champagne, and enjoy!!

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