I’m Having A No Purchasing Extra Stuff January

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I don’t know about you, but Christmas put quite a dent in my funds, and I’m going to use the month of January to get my life back on track. 

I’m calling it – “No Purchasing Extra Stuff” or NOPES. 

How does NOPES work? 

You don’t buy anything extra. No makeup, no clothes, no treats at the store, no toys and candy. Nothing that is extra. 

Nothing that adds a few bucks here and there until it adds up into hundreds and hundreds of dollars in excessive spending. 

And no upselling yourself. If the chicken is on sale, get that instead of the steak. 

If you need toilet paper, or paper towels you better get on board with angel soft and sparkle because Charmin and Bounty are extras. 

Those little luxuries that you feel like you can’t live without? Those are out the door in January. 

I mean, it’s only one month. Right? 

This is a lot easier than your typical no spend months in that you can still cover your basics and you won’t be wanting for everyone, but you don’t have to buy stuff just go make you or your kids happy. 

Why do this? The hope is that by the end of this month you have a better understanding for what you do and don’t need to spend your excess on. 

NOPES is, by design, just something to give us a little leg up. To help us start saving our pennies. 

Who is with me? 

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