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Black Panther 2 Has An Official Release Date and I Am So Excited

The world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just cheered, as it was announced that Black Panther II will be hitting theaters in May of 2022.

We don’t have many details, but after Black Panther brought us one of the BEST films of 2018, the sequel will definitely be clawing its way to theaters soon!

Black Panther II already has a ‘treatment’ (including a title and villian), but Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, isn’t releasing much more information about the film.

We’re really hard at work on it trying to give you something special. We’re gonna take our time; we want it to be right.

Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther

They have some BIG shoes to fill the second time around. The first Black Panther film grossed $700 million in the U.S., and was nominated for seven academy awards — earning three.

Black Panther was even nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award, which was a FIRST for any Marvel film. It lost, however, to Green Book.

May 2022 can’t get here soon enough! I can’t wait to see what Chadwick Boseman, the star of the show, the creators, and director bring to the table the second time around.

You can check out the announcement video below.

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