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Here’s How You Watch All the Marvel Movies in Order

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One of the biggest questions to plague us all is how do we watch all the Marvel movies in order. And I get it, because I am a huge fan of the MCU, and sometimes you just want to throw down on a super sweet MCU movies marathon.

Avengers: Endgame

But, did you know there is a wrong and right way to watch all the Marvel movies in order for the best experience?

Basically a perfect viewing order for the Marvel movies.

marvel movies in order

Here’s How You Can Watch All the Marvel Movies in Order

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You might think that it would be obvious to start with the very first Marvel movie released, Iron Man in 2008 but that isn’t the case. We aren’t talking about release order here.

marvel movies in order

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This is a user-friendly experience and may help further explain what happens in the universe of each character. We can all agree that the whole Peter Parker and Tony Stark timeline is the main story, and if you do, then this is the perfect viewing order

One thing others have pointed outThe Incredible Hulk is skippable because it’s a different style than the other Marvel movies. This will also save you some precious viewing time. I mean, it doesn’t really have any relevance on the whole infinity stones timeline, so that checks out.

But, that is totally up to you.

Check out the full timeline below for how to watch all the MCU movies in optimum viewing order:

Look, we are still waiting on a super sweet Black Widow origins movie to fit into there, and since these movies aren’t necessarily in release order this is more of a chronological order of the whole Marvel Studios movies timeline.

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