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DIY Iron Man Gloves

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With the recent release of the new Avengers movie, I knew I had to come up with a fun craft that was easy to make and could provide hours of fun. These DIY Iron Man Gloves is the end result! The best part about this is that they ACTUALLY GLOW! Plus you can find most of the supplies at your local dollar store and make these for less than $5! Fun right?

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Supplies Needed to Make DIY Iron Man Gloves:

  • Red Gloves (found at Dollar Tree)
  • Red LED Push Lights (found at Dollar Tree)
  • 3 AAA batteries (found at Dollar Tree)
  • Loctite Crafter’s Indoor-Safe Adhesive (this works best to adhere the plastic to the fabric)- can find at Hobby Lobby

iron man gloves supplies

How to Make DIY Iron Man Gloves:

  1. Remove gloves, lights, batteries and glue from packages.
  2. Install the batteries in the back of the push lights. Replace backing onto the light.
  3. Remove the sticker from the adhesive part of the back of the light. You will see a white foam piece exposed.
  4. Apply a generous amount of the adhesive onto the white foam part on the light.Iron Man Gloves inprocess1
  5. Place the light directly on the palm side of the glove. I found it easier to put the glove on my hand then apply the light where I wanted.Iron Man Gloves inprocess2
  6. Allow the adhesive to dry for a minimum of 45 minutes before allowing your children to play with it.
  7. Once dried, place the gloves on your children and let them become Iron Man!

IRON man gloves glowing

DIY Iron Man Gloves #diy #ironman #ironmangloves #avengers #avengersparty #avengerscraft

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