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Captain Marvel’s Butt is Flat–But Why Do You Care?!

A couple of months ago, this ridiculous photo came out that has left me with a burr up my butt regarding the comments made about the actress, Brie Larson, that’s playing Captain Marvel in the movie Captain Marvel coming out next weekend.

And I just can’t move past the trolls. For real.

It’s like this amazing, freaking cool movie. Lead by this amazing, drool-worthy woman who is going to make for one of the leading characters in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for those of you who are not major nerds about their MARVEL hero universe of comics and movies).

And, then there’s this ridiculous photo that I even hate to freaking post, but it’s the whole point of the post, so here I am being part of the problem, showing you the hated

Photo of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in her green/teal uniform from the rear, showing her flat butt.
Source: ComicVine

Like. For. Real.

And there are whole memes about this particular butt and how Brie Larson’s rear-end isn’t as “full” and “fluffy” as, say Tom Holland’s.

Let that sink in for a second.

A dude definitley wrote the meme caption, obviously–because as a heterosexual female, both of these butts look rockin’…

This killer, awesome, world-saving, AMAZING superhero WHO HAPPENS TO BE A GIRL, is being trolled behind the scenes by thousands because she’s blessed with a beautiful body that isn’t bottomed-out with a big-ole bubble that comes with a certain body type.

That’s bull crap on a stick is what it is.

Because, at the boiled-down base of it all, this is just another form of shaming. This is butt-shaming. Like fat-shaming, skinny-shaming and just all-around-crappy-shaming. And tearing people down for things that, at the root, are stupid.


No, really, look at Brie Larson, for a minute. She’s gorgeous, she’s powerful, and she’s being butt-shamed?! WTF.

And it’s not like it’s stopped with the memes.

No, MARVEL (who I love with all my heart, so this is just me ranting–not telling those good-ole execs to stop making amazing movies, but asking them to please take their heads out of their–um, butts), as a result of this butt-shaming on Brie Larson has gone out of it’s way on Avengers 4: End Game to get themselves a Butt Double for one of the actresses.

YEP. Now, I totally get having a stunt-double, because if I were paying someone a million dollars to act, I would not want them to be the ones jumping off buildings and crashing cars.

BUT A BUTT DOUBLE?! W. T. Actual. F.?!

Screenshot of blog post title stating that MARVEL is seeking a butt double for one of the cast members of the Avengers: End Game cast.

Why do you care? Well, for one, we need to be, as a society, NOT tearing people down.

What kind of world are we raising our kids in where we are literally trolling a woman because she’s rocking the butt her momma gave her?

But, it’s more than that.

We’re building the wrong expectations here.

Every day, with all the troll-comments and the snide remarks, we’re telling our daughters, our friends and all the girls and women of now and tomorrow that having a bubble-butt is more important than being an amazing character in a story that shows girls that they can be a superhero–that they can be their own superhero and save the world in their own way.
If we don’t show them that they can be heroes, how will they ever know?!

So. Here’s the takeaway I have for the major characters in this little mess:

  • MARVEL, don’t give-in to this ridiculous butt-shaming and keep the ladies’ butts just the way they are–that’s stupid to replace them with something more bouncy.
  • Brie Larson, don’t listen to that crap, you’re amazing–and your butt is yours so it’s amazing, too. Do not ever stop standing-up for your amazing buttness.
Photo of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in her red and blue uniform with Iron Man and Black Panther in the background.

Now, for the fans of the MCU, I won’t ever give you crap or argue with you about your opinions of the films in the MCU.

Nope, I sincerely will let you enjoy or not-enjoy as you wish. But back the eff-up about beating on the actresses. Because you bunch of boys just sound like you’re jealous your little sister is getting some spotlight.

If you’re seriously just sour-grapes about the newest badass being a girl, you have another thing coming.

At least 50% of your ancestors were women (don’t believe me, I’ll wait while you do the math). That means that at least 50% of the superheroes and characters in our beloved MCU should be women–and, reasonably, some should be rockstar powerful, just like some of the dudes are rockstar powerful.

To date, we’ve had no women that stand-alone in the MCU movies OR that are rockstar powerful (think about it…not one has superpowers in her own standalone movie). That’s sad and I think we’re all ready for a change.

Signed copy of Captain Marvel Comic on a table.
Source: PicClick

If you remember anything about Stan Lee it was that he wanted to show us the world in a better light, with better visions of ourselves and our ability to be human.

And he did that through diversity in his characters.

Do not degrade his dream and vision of our future–don’t tear down his hard work.

Her butt is not her superpower.

So get over it.

Now go and figure out who’s hotter, Thor or Aquaman?

Seymour Buts

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Articles like this are pure cancer; and no im not talking about your astrology sign.


Wednesday 9th of June 2021

The point is: If there is one of the most unnessecary superheroes in the movie just for the sake of including an overpowered superwoman (who is as lame as Superman btw), she might as well have a nice bottom.


Saturday 6th of March 2021

"both of these butts look rockin'"

Literally everyone: no. no they do not.


Friday 29th of January 2021

I like how your actually trigered. Dont bring stan into this, he would draw a big butt in the comics


Friday 17th of April 2020

Omg it's how the suit makes it look if you see her in endgame she ain't looking too. Bad. Also the rest of the movie it dosent look too bad