Disney World Dole Whips Now Come In Three Flavors, Yes! I’m trying them all!

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It’s time for a trip the Magic Kingdom especially if you love Dole Whip because there is officially three new flavors – and we want to try them all!

Disney is known for their decor, rides and of course, iconic characters but a lot of visitors go for the one-of-a-kind food you can only find with the parks.

Dole whip is one of them, actually, make that three of them.

The 3 new Dole Whip flavors are inspired by Up, Moana, and Tangled which is going to excite fans of those movies.


The first new flavor is called the Hei Hei cone. Based on the Moana character of the same name, it includes Pineapple?and Raspberry Dole Whip that are piled into a blue cone with a signature sour strip comb!

Credit: Disney Food Blog

Next up is the The new Lost Princess ?Cone inspired by Tangle.

It is a super cute lemon dole whip, dressed up as Rapunzel with edible flower decorations!

Yes, edible flowers – it’s pretty and tasty!

Credit: Disney Food Blog

Last but not least, we introduce you to the Adventure Is Out There treat!

This “Up”-themed MANGO Dole whip cone is covered with milk chocolate pearls held together with white chocolate! YUM!

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Now, I bet your mouth is watering and so is ours, let’s start packing our bags for a Magical vacation ASAP!

Credit: Disney Food Blog

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