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To The Man Who Stopped Dating Hot Women…

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Dear Sir: 

Ugly women everywhere want to applaud you for making the bold choice to stop dating hot women. We know for a fact that it is a huge sacrifice for you to have to stop dating hot women, and in no way whatsoever their choice for you to stop. Sure, some might be speculating that you’re stopping because of THEIR choice, not yours, but those people are just jealous of your incredible intellect and strong physical prowess.

the man who stopped dating hot women made a big sacrifice

To The Man Who Stopped Dating Hot Women…

Moreover, every woman who dates you from now on is so grateful she’ll never have to worry about her looks. She’ll know, in your eyes at least, that she is ugly. Or, at very least, not hot. And what woman doesn’t want that kind of confirmation? I mean, we spend HOURS every day wondering if we really are ugly. We buy so much in the way of clothes and makeup and spend so much on heels and our hair and nails ALL so we can appeal to men like you, but now that you aren’t dating hot women? We can let that go.

Think of all the money we’re going to save! Thank you, sir. You have made our lives SO MUCH EASIER just by giving us permission to be our normally ugly selves. WE truly can not imagine the sacrifice you’ve made or the kind of jabs you are going to receive from your friends by being seen with ugly women in public, but we thank you. We. Thank. You.


The Uggo’s Of The World.

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