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A Beginners Guide To Layering LuLaRoe

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Let me just say first that I’m a total slug when it comes to the layering trend. So many people are way ahead of me in this game, but I’ve lately embraced the idea of layering.

Why do I hate layers, you ask?


Only, for some reason I always feel like the only thing closing in on me are clothes. I swear, I gave up t-shirts because I couldn’t get away from the sensation of being choked by my favorite graphic t-shirt. Yet another reason why I dig LuLaRoe clothing! It’s so soft it’s more like a hug. So here are some tips on layering that LuLaRoe from someone who’s probably struggled at it as much as you…


A Beginners Guide To Layering LuLaRoe

Unless you live in the tropics or the southern hemisphere, surprise! It’s winter and you’re likely a little chilly every now and then. Let me be honest, I’ve been pining for these colder months and the ability to give real layering a go.

My go to outfit right now is, hands down, a Carly t-shirt dress, leggings, a sweater and comfy knit boots. I really love wearing a bright, contrasting legging under my Carly’s for a bit of added color. Who says we have to dress drab in winter? I’m so not giving up my canary yellow leggings! Also, if you’re looking for warm boot recommendations, I love these knit boots. They’re warm, comfy and have held up to a lot of running around.

There’s a lot of different LuLaRoe items you can layer! It’s not just shirts and leggings. Take the Julia dress for example. Layer it with a Perfect-T and you’ve got a super cute double layer top. Stick some contrasting leggings underneath and it’s adorable! Pair it with a Sarah for an elongated, dramatic look and maybe even add a Joy for a touch of whimsy.

My Amelia dresses are getting a work out. Those pockets? Life savers during hectic shopping seasons. I like to wear a thermal shirt under, stick a joy over and belt it with a thick, leather belt and throw a Sarah over the top. The look is super sleek, put together and you’ll completely fool your co-workers, other moms or family into believing you’re a true adulting adult.

Right now I’m falling in love with the Randy shirt. It’s a baseball 3/4 sleeve shirt that usually has different patterns or colors on the arms vs the body. This is a super cute one to wear with maybe a thermal under it or some other layering pieces. I’m jonesing to get a couple more so I can play around with them. I like sizing up, which means they are great over pieces and very forgiving for those post-holiday party food hangovers.

Don’t forget the value of socks! Either over or under your leggings these can add the right bit of warmth to your outfit.

And let’s face it, with all the running around this holiday season people do, we want to be warm, comfortable and cute! Get creative with your mixing and matching. Whenever you’re curious for a new style to try search the #LuLaRoe hashtag on your favorite social media platform for inspiration!

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