You Can Crochet Your Own Phoenix And It Is Majestic

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You can now crochet your own PHOENIX, and this might be my favorite amigurumi figure EVER!

My sister is OBSESSED with anything Phoenix related, and she is going to totally FREAK when I attempt to make this for her birthday!! Luckily it is five months away, so I have some time to practice and make it PERFECT!

CraftyIntentions, on Etsy, has created this GORGEOUS Phoenix pattern, that they are selling for $6, and OMG, it’s beautiful.

This Phoenix is ready to take off and burn its way to fabulousness. This pattern features easy customization as you can choose how to ornament the head and what feathers to use for the tail. You can make a classic Phoenix or let your imagination run wild.

CraftyIntentions on Etsy

The shop gets five out of five stars with — get this — 18,777 sales!! That is pretty freaking epic! That means you KNOW you are getting quality, speed, and great customer service.

Make a rainbow paradise guardian! Make an ice phoenix! Make a midnight sky galaxy bird! The choices are unlimited. The gauge is not crucial to the pattern as long as the stitches are tight enough to hold stuffing.

CraftyIntentions on Etsy

This pattern comes in English, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch, so just about everyone can try their hand at making one of these fierce beauties.

This pattern is a total of 67 pages containing a full set of written instructions with photographic illustrations, and diagrams. There is also a full set of printer-friendly, text-only instructions, but I strongly recommend you still refer to the photographic illustrations throughout the pattern if you have any questions.

CraftyIntentions on Etsy

A Phoenix from this pattern is approximately 6 inches tall standing from toes to the top of the head, it is approximately 7 inches long from the butt to the beak, and the wing span is approximately 16 inches.

CraftyIntentions on Etsy

Still not sure if you can make this Phoenix amigurumi doll? Just read some of these reviews.

I loved loved making this. The pattern was so easy to follow. The pictures really helped me know if I messed up. The only thing I changed was that I added a small wire between the wings because they seemed to floppy to me.

Kaleah Gingrich Via CraftyIntentions on Etsy

This was my first Crafty Intentions pattern purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of making the Phoenix. It was well written, easy to follow and had a a lot of pictures to help you along the way. I highly recommend this pattern.

Honey Via CraftyIntentions on Etsy

Très bien
Et les explications du tutoriel est top

English Translation: “It’s very good. The explination of the tutorial is top notch”

Bisel Via CraftyIntentions on Etsy

I could keep going and going! People just LOVE this Phoenix tutorial, and I do not blame them!

Get your PDF crochet pattern right on the CraftyIntentions shop on the Etsy website!

It is important to note: this is a PDF pattern for you to crochet your OWN Phoenix. This is NOT a completed product.

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