5 Essential Oils You Can Add To Your Face Mask To Freshen It Up

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Wearing a mask can be, shall we say, uncomfortable and frustrating. BUT, you still have to wear one.

I am definitely Team Mask. While the fabric mask might not help completely prevent the virus, it is at least a bit of a barrier of protection between people.

As a nurse, I can tell you one way to make your mask wearing a bit more manageable.

That way is — Essential Oils! Usually, just a drop in your mask will do it. If the effects are too strong for you, you can put that drop of oil off to the side, so it’s not directly in your face.

“Essential oils in addition to smelling really nice can have a lot of different effects on the body,” explain(s) Dr. Patterson, the medical director of the hospital’s integrative medicine program and a professor of medicine and infectious disease at UT Health San Antonio.

Health Focus SA – University Health Systems

“(The oils) go directly through the olfactory nerve, the smell nerve, up to the brain. They can have a very quick effect on the brain in terms of mood. They can have an effect on the respiratory system by opening up the lungs and making our breathing easier,” she said.

Health Focus SA – University Health Systems

Young Living essential oils are my FAVORITE. They are straightforward, convenient, pure, and not too pricey.

young living starter kit
Courtesy of Young Living

Here are the positive effects of 5 essential oils that you might want to consider putting in your face mask.

PEPPERMINT is absolutely my FAVORITE essential oil. It helps TREMENDOUSLY with my headaches, and anxiety, and it smells pretty dang wonderful. It also helps open up your respiratory system.

LEMON essential oil is great for cleansing. It is also supposed to be an energizing, and invigorating aroma.

LAVENDER essential oils have a great calming effect. It “may promote feelings of calm and fight occasional nervous tension. (Lavender has) balancing properties that calm the mind and body.”

EUCALYPTUS essential oil is great for opening up those sinuses. It is supposed to energize, stimulate, and invigorate. YES, PLEASE!

THIEVES essential oil is exclusive to Young Living. Let me preface this by saying, THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL CLAIM. Thieves is thought to help with anything that is contagious. It is a cleansing scent, and a lot of people diffuse it to get rid of germs that might be in the air.

Courtesy of Young Living

I’m serious. Try a bit of essential oil in your mask. It will make a HUGE difference in your face mask wearing experience.

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