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Before You Do The TikTok Silhouette Challenge, There’s Something Concerning You Should Know

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Every night before I go to bed, I scroll TikTok. Lately, the new trend has been a silhouette challenge that involves a red filter.

jimmysgotjokes – Funny Version, TikTok Video Below

I’ve seen both men and women doing it, although most of them are women. These women felt it was an empowering thing to do and I can see why.

However, there is something that you need to know about this challenge and what is happening after you post your video.


There will always be terrible people that are out there to cause harm and hurt people. This time is no different, they’ve figured out a way to expose you.

A lot of the women doing the silhouette challenge are wearing minimal clothing if any at all.


In fact, there are full tutorials on YouTube that show people how to edit this where they can see what is beyond the red filter.

The whole idea is to reveal the bodies of those in the videos.


There was even a subreddit posted on Reddit that was purely for posting the edited images.

Thankfully it has been banned, but that doesn’t mean it will not continue.


I don’t usually do this but ? ##jimmysgotjokes ##silhouettechallenge ##stevenwhatareyoudoinginthere

♬ suono originale – ✨ I don’t have motivation✨

There were even people on Twitter that were editing them by request. This is just awful and I don’t understand how people get joy from being so cruel.

Please make sure that you share this message so that people know what can and is happening with these video posts.

If you don’t want it all out there, I suggest you skip this challenge.

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