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Here’s How You Can Order Girl Scout Cookies To Help Girls In The NYC Homeless Shelter System

We are in full-blown Girl Scout cookie season — one of the BEST times of the year, right?

Courtesy of Girl Scouts of Greater New York

It is that time when little girls, dressed in green, blue, and brown, sit at tables teaming with cookies set up in front of Walmart — or maybe somewhere else in YOUR town — and lure you into buying a box — or 8 of cookies.

I’ll admit, I fall into the trap every year. My freezer stays stocked with Thin Mints practically year round!!

Courtesy of Girl Scouts of Greater New York

This year, you can use your love of Girl Scout cookies to do just a little bit of good in this world.

There is a Girl Scout troop in New York, and it was designed SPECIFICALLY to cater to girls who find themselves living in the NY shelters system.

New York City provides temporary emergency shelter to every man, woman, and child who is eligible for services, every night. This policy sets New York apart from municipalities across the nation−many of which turn homeless individuals and families away once shelters have filled up or simply put their names on a waiting list.


The average length of stay for each family is 18 months.

This temporary housing allows families to look for permanent housing, and become more financially stable, while not having to be on the streets.

There are approximately 70,000 people living in New York City shelters, 23,000 of whom are children under the age of 18, including approximately 12,000 girls.

Girl Scouts NYC

So, this Girl Scout troop 6000, is FULL of girls from 20 different shelters throughout the city, who find themselves in this temporary shelter situation.

It gives them a stable and consistent outlet for safe socializing, tons of fun, and it gives them a sense of purpose, even though their situations may be chaotic and unstable.

Here is where YOU can help.

NYC Troop 6000 is selling Girl Scout cookies, to raise money to help their troop “do all the amazing things (they’ve) got planned for this year while also learning a ton along the way.”

You can order online, and have the cookies shipped directly to your house.

The cookies are $5 per box, and there are 8 different kinds of cookies.

You KNOW you are going to have to get at least one box of each!!

The lemon-ups and the samoas, also known as the caramel delights, are my favorite!!

You will have to pay shipping on the cookie boxes, but there’s never been a more worthy cause to pay that shipping fee!

Now, go order 16 boxes (That’s just 2 boxes of each!) of Girl Scout cookies, and know you did a little good in the world.

And, HELLO, you get Girl Scout cookies!! Win-win, I’d say!