Reese’s Holiday Haul is A Big Box Filled With an Assortment of Candy for Christmas

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If you’re typically not a fan of baking during the holiday season, forget grocery store cookies because there’s a better option to bring for dessert on Christmas.

And thanks to Reese’s there’s no reason to show up empty handed on “byodb” night (bring your own dessert board).

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Dubbed Reese’s Holiday Haul, aka, a box of chocolates, this massive pack of goodies is the perfect gift for someone with a major sweet tooth.

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Including an assortment of Reese’s candies that are holiday-themed for Christmas, you can expect peanut butter cups ranging from Reese’s nutcrackers, to Christmas trees, and even Peanut Brittle.

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Decorated in orange and white snowflakes covering the large box, the holiday haul is 48 ounces of pure chocolate and peanut butter.

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Featuring five different kinds of Reese’s candy, this box serves perfectly at any holiday party or laid out for guests to pick at on Christmas Eve.

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And better yet, this box is already wrapped with a bright green bow and a gift tag that’s already decorated on the box; you can find Reese’s Holiday Haul stocked at Walmart.

Courtesy of Walmart

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