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Here’s When You Can Watch The Full Beaver Moon

The normally bright moon will soon change colors.

Courtesy of @owltheena

The Beaver Moon, which gets its name from the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter for the colder months ahead, the typical glowing moon we see in the night sky will also darken hues and here’s why.

Not to mention this full moon will also be accompanied by the last total lunar eclipse for the next three years.

Courtesy of @pacsci

This full moon which is also called the Blood Moon because of our planet’s shadow casted on the moon, will make the moon appear an eerie red so make sure to catch the unique color next week!

So when should you see the Blood Moon this month?

Well it just so happens that while your casting vote, the moon will look red!

Courtesy of @ttduff

The Beaver Moon is expected to reach peak illumination in the early morning hours of next Tuesday, November 8.

Courtesy of @banyenbooks

The total lunar eclipse will be visible around 6 in the morning Eastern Time on Election Day, November 8.