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A Grinch Movie Exists Where He Basically Terrorizes The Cat In The Hat

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Heck, some of you didn’t forget about it, you just weren’t born yet.

Dr. Seuss

Honestly, I had totally forgotten about the special that explained why the Grinch was so dang angry.

It’s called ‘The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat’.


It even won an Emmy, but back then I didn’t know about those things and didn’t really care, I mean I was like 8 years old.

I vaguely remember the movie, and that was only after reading an entire breakdown of the movie on BuzzFeed.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

The movie starts off with the Grinch waking up and he’s surprisingly in a good mood… something we didn’t expect from The Grinch.

He heads out of bed to get ready for the day, stopping at his dresser to comb his hair, there is a photo of the Grinch’s mother on the dresser.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

As he continues to get ready, he goes to his mirror and wishes himself a good morning by speaking directly to his reflection.

The thing is… his reflection is in a bad mood and says this back to him:

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

I see nothing to witzel about. You must be out of your head, no doubt.

The Grinch

Now thinking back on this as an adult, I’m wondering does the Grinch have multiple personality disorder or some other mental disorder?

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

His grumpy reflection makes the Grinch take “The Grinch Oath”.

A Grinch is unhelpful, unfriendly, unkind. With ungracious thoughts, in an unhealthy mind. A Grinch is uncheerful, uncouth, and unclean…

The Grinch

His reflection then says that he needs to prove it, and the Grinch replies that he is “Frightfully mean”…

The happy-go-lucky Grinch is now an angry Grinch and he goes out to prove just that and pumps smog onto the singing birds and they collapse!

Then comes the Cat in the Hat, he is happy, singing and getting ready to have a picnic.

As he’s having his picnic the Grinch runs into the Cat in the Hat’s car because it was blocking the road… a little road rage I guess?

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

The Cat in the Hat actually apologizes to the Grinch, but he ticks the Grinch off, even more, when he calls him “Greenface”.

This makes the Grinch even more confrontational and he tries to run the Cat in the Hat off the road because he is BIG mad now.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

Once the Cat in the Hat gets home, he just wants to chill and play guitar, but the Grinch had other plans… he actually followed him home, yikes!

I bet I was a little scared when I watched this at 8 years old, but I don’t remember.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

The Cat in the Hat is trying to make music, but the music and his singing begin to sound really strange, then you see the glowing creepy eyes of the Grinch.

The Grinch then explains why the music and singing sound so odd, it’s because of his “Acoustical Anti-Audial Bleeper. Otherwise known as [his] Vacu-Sound Sweeper”.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

The Vacu-Sound Sweeper can get rid of every noise and sound and even mess up sound waves for about 50 miles.

From now on, you will hear what I want you to hear.

The Grinch

He becomes obsessed with messing with the Cat in the Hat.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

The Cat in the Hat is trying to figure out what is wrong with the Grinch and wonders if maybe his mother mistreated him.

Despite the grim fact that he’s depraved and deranged, I will find that soft spot.

The Cat in the Hat
Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

I don’t want to tell you anymore because I hate spoilers, so you will have to watch it yourself to see what happens.

Universal Pictures / New World Animation Ltd

I’m hoping that this unlocked a buried memory for you like it did me, if you were too young or you just want to rewatch it… you totally can.

Even though they are not streaming it anywhere, you can purchase it on Amazon, or you can watch it right here!

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