A New Sonic The Hedgehog is Here And He Has Been Dubbed ‘Baby Sonic’

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A newly imagined Sonic the Hedgehog has been spotted on the grassy hills of Emerald Hill Zone.

And you may have to sit down for this — it looks like a Baby Sonic!

This new Sonic has lost his sharp edges. It looks like a totally sweet version of the original.


Move over Baby Yoda? We have a new contender for cutest baby on the internet!


There have been a plethora of reimagined characters hitting us right in the feels lately, and I’m not even mad. I need every one of them in my life.


This new Baby Sonic is from the New Sonic the Hedgehog movie that will be dropping February of 2020.


I’m hoping we get merchandise a LOT sooner than that! Look at that precious face! I’m going to be needing any and all things Baby Sonic related.


Don’t make me choose between Baby Yoda and Baby Sonic. I love them both.


OMG! Yes, please. He is adorable!


Check out the Japanese trailer to the new movie below.

Also, check out the new Baby Yoda Merchandise that is FINALLY hitting stores! I’m giddy.

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