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Dairy Queen is Bringing Back The Cherry Dipped Cone and I Can’t Wait!

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Dairy Queen is our go-to place for tasty frozen treats! The temps are already rising and we happen to have a DQ within walking distance!

Image Credit: Dairy Queen

I have several favorite menu items, I especially love Blizzards, but there isn’t much that’s better than a dipped cone.

Image Credit: Dairy Queen

Creamy soft serve ice cream dipped in a hard shell coating, YUM!

Image Credit: Dairy Queen

Just this past February Dairy Queen introduced a new dipped cone for spring, the Confetti Cake Dipped Cone.

Image Credit: dqshelbytwpmi

I mean, that sounds good and all but some of us just want what we want…

Last May they removed one of my favorites, the Cherry Dipped Cone, but I held out hoping that one day they would bring them back.

Image Credit: dqhelena

Well y’all, it looks like Dairy Queen heard our cries of despair and are bringing back the fan fave!

Image Credit: timmythegasmanj

A TikTok account run by a Dairy Queen district manager in Michigan revealed that the Cherry Dipped Cone is indeed coming back, we just don’t have a date.

Image Credit: savannasellstx

But due to popular demand, cherry is coming back. I can’t give an exact date because it depends on when the distributors get it in stock, but it was one of the best sellers in my location, which are in southeast Michigan, so I’ll be the first to let you guys know when I have it

Miranda, Dairy Queen District Manager said in her TikTok video

I can’t wait! What’s your favorite DQ treat?

Image Credit: dqshelbytwpmi

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