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The Starbucks Free ‘Red Cup’ Day Has Been Rescheduled. Here’s Everything We Know.

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Today is was the day! The Starbucks Christmas Launch! Did you get everything you wanted? yeah, me either…


Not to worry though, because it is nowhere near over! Most stores should have all of the food and drinks that released today. The merchandise has been the issue. It took me three stores to find the cups I wanted, but hey, I found them!

The merchandise has been hit or miss, so if your store hasn’t gotten them in yet, be patient. And be sure to check out the Starbucks inside of Targets, Krogers, etc, because they seemed to get more merchandise than the corporate stores.


As for the free Red Cup Day, that has been officially moved to November 18th. Usually it’s every year on the same day as the release of all of the holiday beverages, but since all of the stores don’t have their cups yet, it has been rescheduled.

There may be some stores that didn’t get the memo and accidentally handed them out today. If so, lucky you. But as a whole, corporate is asking all stores to hold off until the 18th to celebrate the Red Cup Day. So stay tuned!


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