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Turns Out, You May Not Be Getting The Free Red Cup From Starbucks This Week. Here’s Why.

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The Christmas Starbucks Launch is TOMORROW!!! New cups, new merchandise, and new food! Which also usually means Red Cup Day…


If you aren’t familiar with Red Cup Day, usually the first day of the Christmas launch, you get a free reusable hot cup with any purchase of a holiday drink. BUT…


Once again, there’s shipping delays. And although some stores have received their red cups, some haven’t. So according to the baristas I spoke with, it’ll be two weeks before the free cups are actually released.


So what does this mean for the rest of the launch? Nothing!

All stores should already have the new seasonal drink flavors and merchandize in stores, ready to put up tonight. In fact, some Target stores already put them out earlier this week!


So 1 out of 4 missing isn’t the worst. The drinks are still releasing, as well as the merchandise and food. We just have to wait a couple more weeks for the free cups! (Unless your store got lucky!)


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