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You Can Get Orchids That Look Like Tiny Monkey Faces And I Need Them In My Life

Two words: Monkey Orchids. Gah!

Instagram @yazk.01

These little guys are really known at the Dracula Orchids, but they look like little monkey faces, and I think I’m in love.

Admittedly, I don’t have a green thumb in my entire body. Is it possible to PAY someone to grow these for me? I need their quirky little faces in my life!

These monkey flowers — er, Dracula Orchids — grow naturally in western Colombia and Ecuador. I, however, want them potted in my home.

You can get the seeds right off of Amazon, and I’m going to need them shipped straight to my house. Then, I’m going to need someone else to oversee the growing of said seeds.

They KIND OF look like little flowers that have come straight from Alice In Wonderland. I love it!

Carlyle Luer. who established the species in 1978, named these little flowers ‘Dracula’, for the Latin word for Dragon. I’m okay with them being little dragons, too. Winter is coming, little dudes.

Just look how beautiful these little Dracula Orchids are!

Admit it. You want them in YOUR life, too! They are so unique and special. I just love them.