You Can Plant Your Own Moon Garden That Blooms At Night and It Is Magical

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We have a deck in our front yard that desperately needs some landscaping around it. 

But we live in Texas, where sitting outside to enjoy landscaping is sometimes difficult!

Ok, it’s not that dry but sitting outside in the middle of the day is pretty uncomfortable. We tend to sit outside in the early mornings and late evening. 

I’ve got a beautiful view and lots of trees with birds singing.  So, the sights and sounds are great.  I need the smell factor.  That is where my landscaping is going to come in!

And I just learned that there are flowers that bloom at night and smell divine!!

In fact, you can actually plant a Moon Garden with flowers that have magical properties according to many Pagans and maybe Mrs. Sprouts.

As you might imagine, many of the flowers are white or light color so they can be seen after sunset. There is something magical about sitting in your garden at sunset.

Moonflowers You Can Plant in Your Yard

The most popular moonflower also known as the moonflower vine, evening glory, or the tropical white morning-glory blooms at night as it known for it’s light floral scent and gorgeous white florals.

Evening Primrose can be used as ground cover and spreads quickly.  The flowers open at dusk, exactly the time you want to be sitting on your patio.  They have a sweet aroma.

Night Phlox are colorful and unusual. They bloom in shades of white, purple, and maroon. It also blooms at night and releases a honey-almond smell.

The beautiful Angel Trumpet is an enormous flower. They have the added benefit of attracting hummingbirds.  They have a distinct “erotic” fragrance.  I’m not sure what that means but that is what the gardeners say.

If you like citrus smells more, a Mock Orange might be for you. It works great as screening for that last bit of sun and you can use the flowers as cut flowers for indoors.  After it blooms the green foliage is still there to enjoy.

Of course, there are plenty of white and silver flowers that don’t have a strong scent and are great for your garden. And I love some of the names!

Mugwort – don’t you think that should be in a Harry Potter garden?  It actually is used similar to sage to cleanse your home.  So, it even has magical properties. Definitely a Harry Potter plant. It is an herb that is silvery-green that some consider a weed, however, it is said to be good for acidic stomach and insomnia.

Whatever you plant in your garden.  Get out and enjoy the fresh air and beauty.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Also be careful with the trumpet flower. They are toxic to animals or choldren if they are nibbled.

  2. Please don’t plant mugwort. It is an aggressive species that will dominate your garden and eventually your lawn.

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