These Elegear Tie-Dye Rainbow Blankets Will Bring Pure Magic To Your Life

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I love color which is why I am OBSESSED with these blankets.

When it comes to gift giving for birthdays or holidays, I am all about the comfort items. Honestly, you can never have enough things that make you comfy and cozy, right?

With that being said, the holidays are right around the corner and if you’re looking for a gift that be used all-year long, look no further.

You can get tie-dye rainbow blankets that’ll surely bring pure magic to your life!

These are the Elegear Rainbow Throw Blankets that are made of super comfortable flannel material, with Japanese Heatwarm +2℃ Technology.

Each blanket is handmade so every single blanket is unique and no two are the same.

Plus, they are SO SOFT!!

These tie-dye blankets come in two colors: rainbow purple and rainbow pink. Plus, they come in several sizes too!

You can grab these Rainbow Tie-Dye Blankets on Amazon for $29.00 here. You can get 10% off with code OQS8YKPH. Offer ends 10/31/2022.

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