You Can Crochet This Super Cute Boho Scarf That Is Perfect For Fall

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You know what’s great about fall clothing? You can snuggle up in layers.

Skinny jeans, combat boots with fluffy socks, a long knit sweater, a scarf, possibly a beanie, and a zip up coat to finish the look.

Courtesy of @Hookedonserendipity

I have a numerous amount of scarfs and a handful of beanies, you can never have too many am I right?

Courtesy of @Hookedonserendipity

Nonetheless, there are so many styles that comes with a scarf, it’s hard not to buy three news ones ever year when fall rolls around.

So I’m starting my shopping early. There’s an Etsy account selling crochet scarf patterns for only 5 bucks and the best part, is that you can make it yourself!

Courtesy of @Hookedonserendipity

You can purchase the PDF pattern here and you can get started on picking out fall clothing early!

Courtesy of @Hookedonserendipity

The Wedge Triangle Scarf can be worn as a regular scarf or as a shoulder wrap.

Once your done, make sure you publish your work on Instagram while using the hashtag, #hosmakers or tagging the seller directly @hookedonserendipity; she wants to see your finished look!

Courtesy of @Hookedonserendipity

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